Exploring the world! Then, Take a stop at Laos.

Travelling around the world is a thrilling and exhilarating experience if you get to engage in it. However, taking a stop at Laos and exploring the architectural masterpiece in the country is an awe-inspiring feel.


Laos is geographically located in the Southeast Asia and it crosses the Mekong.  Also known for its mountainous terrain, French colonial architecture, Buddhist settlements, and monasteries, Laos is cool and serene location for vacations. In Vientiane, the country’s capital, there is the Tats Luang Monument, which houses the Patuxai War Memorial and Talat Sao (which is popularly referred to as Morning Market), the reliquary in front of the Buddha, a complex full of food.


The mountains of Laos, the jungle and the Mekong River and Laos, ubiquitous elephants dominate the landscape in the country. Without Buddhism and underdeveloped, Laos offers travelers the opportunity to experience rich traditions, natural beauty and a sense of Asia starting from their arrival at Luang Prabang airport where many travelers get visa on arrival.

Laos is a place for everyone, offering travelers the opportunity to travel from north to south through a variety of landscapes and cultures, by ship and by road. Also, many travelers can decide to combine their experience in Cambodia or Vietnam with Loas to fly every day on the road.


The travels to this fascinating country often cut across Luang Prabang, a perfectly preserved combination of rustic colonial architecture with golden monasteries and the city of Vientiane, a peaceful city.


Travelers often visit Laos through classic routes, such as spending a few days in Vientiane, where the historical and cultural aspect of the nation develops to visit some of the oldest pagodas in the country. Besides, adventure enthusiasts often stop at Vang Vieng to cool off and go halfway between Vientiane and Luang Prabang. However, before embarking on this trip to Laos, travelers must ensure some relevant requirements are put in place.  Below are some of the things travelers must consider whenever you are traveling to Laos.


Insurance: It is a prerequisite for a trip to Laos has significant insurance. The traveler’s insurance must cover accident insurance, treatment costs, loss of luggage and cancellation or shortening of leave. You can confirm the insurance details as part of the trip at the beginning of the trip at the embassy or with the travel agency. You must have adequate insurance if you have a medical problem while traveling.


Official Currency: The official currency of Laos is the KIP, although cash is accepted almost everywhere in US dollars. Since KIPs are cumulative with payments in USD, a small change (for example 30 USD) is recommended in Kip after arriving in Laos. It is also advisable to combine cash and travelers’ checks while traveling because of local transactions you will be doing on arrival. Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) can only be used in a limited number of stores and restaurants in Vientiane and Luang Prabang


Climate: the annual monsoon cycle in Southeast Asia affects Laos. The rainy period in Laos starts from May and end around October. Meanwhile, the tropics have an average of 30 degrees, and the mountains are colder. The first half of the dry season lasts from November to February; and temperatures in this time range from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.


From March to June the temperature can reach 35 degrees Celsius. Therefore, many travelers prefer Laos outside the dry season. During that period, there are fewer tourists, and the rain is often limited to afternoon rains, which give the landscape and villages a different atmosphere.

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