Many would not think about doing it, but sometimes the idea of ​​running a marathon without training comes up, given that they carry a large number of kilometers traveled.

If you’ve ever googled “run a marathon without training” you may have ended up enrolling in a race, then life or an injury eliminated that dream – in that case our most heartfelt condolences – or you want to run a marathon but you don’t want to train for one -in case, please do not do it-.

But, if you are a very stubborn person in the unique and firm way that many of the runners are (it is useful at kilometer 41), then you will need something more convincing. In addition, there is a big difference between not training as much as you would like and not training at all.

Here we tell you what you have to know about running a marathon without training and so you avoid falling into a black hole in Google and end up wondering if it is worth torturing you to run 42 kilometers without a formal training.

We are many physical activity professionals, not only as a personal trainer, who think that the race, however fashionable, may not be the best option for a large majority of people. Mainly, but not exclusively, because of the impact it has on our locomotor system.

It is true that you may not want to run a marathon and “as I am only going to run a 5,000 or 10,000 meters … it will affect me less.” It is true that it will affect you less but if you comply with one of the essential principles of training, repetition, you will continue to gain the good and the bad that accompanies any sporting activity. It will affect you yes or yes …

If you are only going to run very few minutes a week it will affect you little but it will benefit you very little in your goal of finishing a race, whatever … If you are going to do a race you will have to train, right?

Well, regardless of the main reason I have presented you, I am going to hire some other reason to avoid excesses when you run …

You have not trained enough.

Background training experts talk about running about 60 km per week to run a marathon with guarantees. as you look?

You are not willing to train what you owe.

There are people who run a marathon without training, trust me, they are lucky and they are just testing their health. If you are willing to train what you owe, or you cannot do it, think about changing the objective. Running a 5,000 or 10,000 is also very good and less demanding.

Do you think your social life will lose?

Running the 60 km per week takes a little while, you have to be willing to do without other things. If you are one of those who cannot do without friends or lees to your friends or …

The chafing.

60 km per week is not the same as 42 in a single day. Your bra, if you are a girl, the shirts, the pants will make you chafe … If you must use creams to avoid it … but does it really compensate?

Your immune system will resent.

According to several studies, one of them from the University of Loughborough, proves that the excess that a marathon supposes will have consequences in your immune system between 2 and 6 weeks after running it. You will have a much higher risk of falling ill with respiratory infections.

You will not lose the weight you believe.

Let’s be honest, running a marathon is usually one of the reasons to try to lose weight. You think that you will be motivated and that you will lose it, but it is not so in many cases.

You will drop your ass.

Do not think that you will achieve the appearance of many runners you see in the Olympics. Generally the legs of the popular bottom runners are very far from what they had thought they would achieve … Also you just have to look at the ass of the middle-aged popular runners. Are you sure you want that?

You will not be able to eat what you think …

Finishing a career with guarantees means training and … eating … as you might not imagine. You will need more energy to train but it may not be that of the pizzas and sweets you are thinking…

You will not be faster or stronger or have a better style.

If you focus on adding weekly kilometers you focus on that, especially if you haven’t been running for years … You won’t improve your career technique or your speed according to the director of the New York magazine Running Time.

No one really knows how you will recover.

After 42km of effort and suffering you will need many days of rest and recovery. No one knows very well how your body will behave. Some recommend a two-week break, another one day for every mile made, a marathon has 26 miles … 26 days to recover from the effort. Physiologists do not know very well what to do for sure. Your body needs to recover. Many days of breaks. Will you be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle so many days to maintain what it cost you so much to achieve …?

You will not have your head in place for a long time.

Think that you don’t just have to mentalize yourself to train and to run the big day. You also need a head to recover from the effort. Many people fall into what we could call depression and / or anxiety after such a great effort for so long to now have to stop so many days …

  • And your stomach …

According to a study published in the Active magazine between 30 and 50% of runners in a marathon suffer disorders in their digestive system during and after the race, even several days later.

A marathon can injure your heart.

Sorry, finishing a marathon doesn’t mean you’re in good shape. And running it is still such an effort that once the goal is crossed, for weeks later, you can suffer the risks of that brutal effort.

The good thing is that you will recover from the effort but you open the door to other cardiovascular risks that with other activities or intensities of efforts you would not have smelled …

We are not doing very well. It is true that there is also a good side, great sport, but maybe not the best option to run a marathon.

The title of this article “the almost 20 reasons not to run a marathon.” We have 13 but we are going to ask you to visit us from time to time to read the rest. Will they be worse than these? Will they improve? You will have to read the second part of the article … In just a few days …